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About Liberated Elephant

At Liberated Elephant, we know humans spend about a third of their life at work. This means that the leaders and organizations that hire humans hold power over their most basic needs - their physiological, social, and psychological safety.

We believe that through cultivating our values of wholeness, compassion, and freedom, individuals are more engaged, leaders become a competitive advantage, and organizations can thrive.

We know that embracing these values as a culture can be intimidating, and it is most effective when embraced at the upper leadership level. We aim to aid organizations and leaders on their journey toward this transformation that puts people over profit, that recognizes the humans in their company as the main customer, and that empowers each human to grow and thrive.

We know that the greatest success will come from meeting your organization exactly where you are. We are excited to help you begin, through our range of services, the next steps toward a more fulfilling future.

Liberated Elephant’s Values


We practice the ability to care for all people in the exact place they are without judgement.


We are empowered to make conscious choices in all things with the awareness that every action is a choice in and of itself.


We arrive as one, fully-integrated human and cultivate the awareness that communication around consent, agency, and boundaries are necessary to support this arrival.