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About Jessica Katz

Jessica Katz is a trainer, mentor and coach through Liberated Elephant. Jessica is passionate about working with individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations to help people discover and nurture their authentic selves. With this new knowledge, Jessica helps them uncover solutions that move them forward on their journey. Her methodology is informed by Agile values, principles, and practices - creating a safe space for clients to be wholly themselves without judgement.

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Jessica’s Values

Truth tempered with compassion

Truth is built from perspective, and one person’s personal truth may not match another’s. Everyone’s journey is uniquely their own, and in acknowledging this, I seek to understand each person’s story in full and provide my perspective with compassion and empathy.


Mindfulness is about cultivating awareness of self and others. We take right action without the need to “be right” — being mindful of behavior, thought, and speech. Through this practice, I can remain centered and in-service to those I coach.

Liberate the elephants

Elephants in the room have important information to share with us about our beliefs, needs, goals, and systems. Acknowledging them with transparency and courage can liberate them from their confines, allowing us to maximize our strengths as individuals and teams.

Embrace the power of “and”

It is the human condition to see only two options, thus limiting ourselves to “this” or “that.” Embracing the power of “and” offers us the space to ask, Why not both?, What if?, or What else? It is in these questions that our creative visions can find life and open new doors.

Active seeing

To fully see someone and be seen by them is a deeply moving experience. To this end, I aim to bring my whole self to every coaching session. My intention is to act from a place of vulnerability, making it safe and possible for each client to do the same - reaching new possibilities within.